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Leeches help save the foot of injured cat

Friday 26th of May 2017 11:16

Squiggley, a beautiful ginger tom cat came to Priory Vets as an emergency last weekend, after he was found with his leg hanging from a hook.

The vet on call, gave emergency treatment and stitched the wound, but the blood supply to the foot was diminished and it was swollen, getting cold and purple.

Joanna had read about the use of leeches to improve blood circulation, and with the consent of the owner, decided to go ahead with this alternative and unusual therapy, a first for Priory Vets.

Three leeches were ordered on Monday, and duly arrived first class delivery on Tuesday morning. Anyone squeamish should not look at the following pictures, but number 1 leech was attached to Squiggley’s leg and within a few minutes started to feed. After 45 minutes, full to the brim, the leech dropped off, and Squiggley’s blood supply to the foot started to be improving. This process was repeated with Number 2 and 3 leech, to give Squiggly the best possible prognosis. Squiggly has not been sedated and didn't mind his unusual therapy at all. 

Squiggley went home to his owners on Wednesday evening and straight away felt up to exploring the conservatory roof. He came back to the surgery yesterday, for one more leech therapy session, and at this moment in time the prognosis is good and we all are keeping fingers crossed for Squiggley's full recovery! Thanks also to our student nurse Naomi, who braved her fears of creepy crawlies to help with the therapy.



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