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'Farm Animals Vets Cardigan, Aberaeron

Farm Animals

Priory Vets has been an integral part of the local farming community for over 75 years. Our aim is to work with local farmers to minimise disease and maximise welfare, productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

In 2012, the Large Animal and Equine Department moved from the town centre to spacious new premises at Unit 11, Parc Teifi. The new site has ample space for lambings and examining calves, stocks for equine work and offers easy access and parking for farm and equine clients.

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Our experienced farm animal team offers a 24-hour specialist veterinary care service which includes:

Routine Fertility Visits

These visits include:

  • Pregnancy diagnosis, with or without scanner
  • Fresh calved cow checks
  • Treatment of cows not seen bulling
  • Heat/ovulation synchronising programmes
  • Regular reviews on herd fertility performance.


Farm vets, including our DairyCo Mastitis Mentor, are regularly involved in mastitis investigations. These investigations enable vets to create action plans that effectively target mastitis problems in herds.

Dairy Herd Health Scheme

This scheme has been set up to help farmers monitor and control the most significant conditions that cause problems for dairy cows, such as lameness and mastitis.

Information gained from regular mobility scoring is used by farm vets to monitor improvements in the incidence of lameness, and to formulate strategies to tackle longer-term mobility problems. Body condition and teat-end condition can also be scored, and cell counts and clinical mastitis data collected and analysed.

By monitoring these conditions, it is possible to gain a better understanding of their origin and epidemiology in the herd and hence greatly reduce their impact on herd performance and improve the general welfare of the herd. This scheme is available to farmers with 80% funding from Farming Connect.

Heifer Rearing Scheme

The aim of this new scheme is to enable dairy farmers to closely monitor their heifers’ growth potential, in order to help replacement heifers calve at the target age of 22-26 months, and enter the milking herd at a target weight of 600-650 kg. The aim of achieving these targets is to improve productivity and reduce production costs. The package includes regular blood sampling from calves to monitor colostrum management, and 6-monthly weight recording on all breeding young stock.

Disease Surveillance and Health Schemes

These schemes are carried out in conjunction with specialist veterinary laboratories to certify disease-free herds. Regular samples are taken from a selection of animals in the herd and tested at CHeCS-accredited laboratories. By achieving Certified Health Status, herds will have a higher standard of health, and animals will have added value when sold on for breeding purposes.


The farm vet team prides itself on sound knowledge of ruminant nutrition with a particular interest in the dairy cow. Vets are pleased to offer advice on all nutritional matters and are supported by EBVC, which is a leading dairy cow nutritional consultancy company in Europe.

Priory Vets offer a completely independent nutrition consultancy service which includes rationing and monitoring of performance.

Bull/Ram Fertility

Fertility of Bulls and Rams – Our vets recommend that bulls' and rams' semen are tested for quality before the breeding season, as although it is rare for them to be completely infertile, sub-fertility is a common finding.

Vasectomised Rams – Vasectomies can be performed on rams, and by using these rams as teasers, a tighter lambing season can be achieved.

Heat Detection

Vets can advise on the advantages and disadvantages of different heat detection methods.

Heat Detection Test – Milk can be tested to confirm whether or not a cow is in heat. This test is very accurate and can be useful in cases where the cow’s behaviour is unclear. This test helps avoid serving cows that are already pregnant, but displaying heat behaviour.


Our vets are experienced in performing many different large animal surgeries including caesarean sections, displaced abomasums, digital amputations, castrations, dehorning and hernia repairs. All vets regularly attend courses throughout the year to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills.

Vaccinations and worming

Vaccination protocols can be of paramount importance in controlling certain diseases that affect the herd.  Vets can advise on what vaccinations and worming treatments should be used, and how to implement them, e.g. best time of year to vaccinate, animals to be included in vaccination programme, etc.

We carry out in-house worm egg counts, and can advise on better targeted treatment options, which offer significant savings on time and wormer costs.


A number of our vets have attended specialist training courses on chickens and are happy to advise on all aspects of chicken health and husbandry.


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