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Small Animal Surgery
Small Animal Surgery

Farm Animals

Priory Vets has been an integral part of the local farming community for over 85 years.

Our specialist farm team provides the highest quality of medicine with a proactive approach to preventative health planning. Our dedicated large animal premises are equipped with an in-house laboratory, pharmacy and lambing facilities and examination area. The site boasts ample parking space enabling easy access for clients with trailers.


Our experienced farm animal team offers 24-hour specialist veterinary care:

Dairy Beef Sheep Chickens

Farm Animals

A Truly Mixed Practice

As a truly mixed practice, we attend to other animals also, including pigs, goats, alpacas and water buffalo. We are always happy to assist with your enquiries about other animals.


Routine Fertility Visits

Well managed fertility is one of the main drivers in the profitability of your herd. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly fertility visits with a dedicated farm vet to meet your herd's needs. Visits are assisted by ultrasound scanners for early detection of pregnancy or cows with have not shown signs of estrus. We also take time to discuss all aspects of fertility and are able to evaluate key areas of your herd's fertility with the use of Total Vet, Interherd and NMR reports.

Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Mastitis Investigation

We provide systematic mastitis investigations to effectively establish the cause of your problem through on farm evaluation and data analysis from milk recordings.

On farm evaluation of your milking routine and parlour set up will allow your cows to be milked to their full potential and prevent future complications. The use of our dynamic flow meter will provide an accurate real time measure of flow rate for the individual cows and allow you to confidently assess parlour performance.

Our in-house lab can provide instant levels of somatic cell counts for bulk milk or individual cow samples.

Dairy Herd Health

Our farm vets are committed to providing a proactive approach to health planning and to comply with the requirements of Red Tractor accreditations and other milk buyer standards. By evaluating past performance and planning ahead for the future we can prevent the risk of diseases to your animals and maximise your farm's potential.

Farm Animals

Calf Health Project

Heifers are the future of your milking herd and getting your calf rearing right is essential to the wellbeing and profitability of your herd. Our vets can provide you with a useful overview into all aspects of calf rearing, from colostrum management, to daily weight gain targets. The project consists of an initial farm assessment and agreed targets for improvement followed by 6-monthly meetings to evaluate performance.


Priory Vets offer a completely independent nutrition consultancy service which includes rationing and monitoring of performance. An assessment of a herd's metabolic status is a useful way to evaluate whether their feed intakes meet the herd's nutritional demands. Milk recording data through NMR and Interherd can provide an insight into issues such as Ketosis, SARA and LDA's.


Farm Animals

Bull Breeding Soundness

Ensuring your bull is in good working order is a crucial part of supporting your overall herd's fertility and establishing a tight calving period.

Bulls may be tested as part of a pre-purchase examination or after a period of rest before the breeding season begins. Making sure your bull is fit for breeding can also save you money when insuring your bull.

Bulls undergo a full clinical examination as well as a semen quality examination.


As well as ultrasound scanning your cows for pregnancy and advice on effective synchronisation programmes, our farm vets are available to help with all aspects of fertility, from nutrition, to bull and heifer selection.

Beef Herd Health planning

Through discussion and assessment of current herd management and data, we aim to provide a useful herd health plan to enable your herd to thrive. The plan complies with the requirements outlined by Red tractor and FAWL as well as assessing your antibiotic usage.

By evaluating past performance and planning ahead for the future through we can prevent the risk of diseases to you animals and maximise your farms potential.

Disease Surveillance And Health Schemes

These schemes are carried out in conjunction with specialist veterinary laboratories to certify disease-free herds. Regular samples are taken from a selection of animals in the herd and tested at CHeCS-accredited laboratories. By achieving Certified Health Status, herds will have a higher standard of health, and animals will have added value when sold on for breeding purposes.

Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Farm Animals



Our large animal premises are equipped with indoor lambing facilities and a surgical area for caesarean sections. The site boasts a large parking area enabling easy access for clients with trailers.

Farm Animals

Flock Health Planning

An important part of your flock's performance is based on evaluating past performance and planning for the upcoming year. Advice on vaccinations and worming is important in controlling disease and preventing resistance on your farm. Our flock health plans comply with Red Tractor and FAWL requirements.

Evaluation of antibiotics usage using an antibiotic calculator helps you to benchmark your flock with others farms and identify areas of improvement.

We carry out in-house worm egg counts, and can advise on better targeted treatment options, which offer significant savings on time and wormer costs.

Ram Fertility Testing

Our vets recommend that rams are evaluated for semen quality and breeding soundness before the breeding season. Although it is rare for them to be completely infertile, sub-fertility is a common finding.

Vasectomies can be performed on rams, and by using these rams as teasers, a tighter lambing season can be achieved.


A number of our vets have completed specialist training courses on chickens and are happy to advise on all aspects of chicken health and husbandry.

Farm Animals


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